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Shenzhen UwoLife Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "UwoLife") was originally founded by three post-80s young entrepreneurs with overseas study background. Its head office is located in China's frontier city: Shenzhen. The company is committed to seeking overseas primary resources to introduce global quality ingredients, food and daily necessities into China. Through various coastal port cities, it extends to inland cities all over the country, providing residents of three or four cities with high quality and high standard of life, striving to improve people's happiness in life, and creating a real "good" life around them.
The company has gathered a large number of outstanding talents, independently developed the exclusive e-commerce platform "U-Choice Shelf", and obtained the formal domestic qualifications of Cross-border E-commerce and Frozen Meat Import.UwoLife create a unique import commodity supply chain system. After years of attempts and in-depth research, the company has formed unique views and opinions on the inland city life with Chinese characteristics and the Internet business philosophy. Around the center of the resource sharing, complementary advantages and disadvantages of ideas, the company established a joint venture of the food processing plants, the integration of multiple offline sales channels, and gradually became the commodity supply chain management, production and processing, brand management and online O2O marketing combination as one of the "global demand chain service provider".
With years of efforts, UwoLife has built "U-Choice Shelf" which is a cross-border e-commerce platform face to the new retail market. As well as the self-owned food brand"Wo Kitchen" which is suitable for market wholesale.

U Shelf

"U Shelf" is a business operation brand of UwoLife focusing on global commodity supply and demand chain services.
Aiming at serving the demand of "new consumption" and improving life satisfaction, the company establishes and optimizes the supply chain of overseas commodities (demand) from downstream to upstream based on the "demand".

"U Shelf" provides traditional merchants (especially individual small merchants) with low cost, rich categories and excellent quality of commodity operation conditions, and with the help of the Internet to promote the traditional merchants to form offline operation and online marketing of mutual integration, so that the traditional merchants to better serve customers.
"U Shelf" is a mobile terminal application including phone APP, WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Program, which can be adapted to Android and ISO system. Based on the "U Shelf", we launch the integrated online and offline marketing model. We will use small area of display space to put in a shelf for showing and selling products which are suitable for quick sales under specific scenes. At the same time, customers will be introduced to the online platform through scanning the QR code. Customer can use the platform to chose what they want. You can participate in the experience by scanning the QR code at the bottom right of the page.

WO Chef

"Wo Chef" is a food brand owned by the UwoLife, which is mainly used to meet the individual needs of non-processing enterprises, units and institutions for imported frozen meat products. By using "Wo Chef" to set up direct contact with customer, we can be more easily to build the enterprise popularity and honor. Meanwhile, the food standard and traceability system established by "Wo Chef" provides a solid foundation for the quality and safety guarantee of imported frozen products from overseas. As well as the responsibility of the enterprise to customers.
China is a big country with large demand for imported frozen meat products. Meat materials from all over the world flood into China,  which exist different standards and specifications. Non-processing enterprises, units and platforms can not directly use the original imported frozen goods, as well as they commissioned processing is time-consuming and laborious. In particular, the third and fourth lines cities which are influenced by geographical location and traditional concepts, are relatively unfamiliar with imported frozen food materials. The mismatch of product standards and specifications makes them more resistant to imported frozen products. This feeling of rejection affects the promotion of high-quality imported frozen ingredients. "Wo Chef" is bred to solve this problem.
Relying on overseas raw material resources, the UwoLife has built independent food processing plants in inland cities and established strategic partnership with a number of factories engaged in primary and deep processing of meat. We process or commission all kinds of food under the brand of "Wo Chef" which include initial processing of family bags, prepared barbecue skewers, prepared hot pot ingredients and preserved semi-finished products, as well as cooked food bags and snacks. At the same time, "Wo Chef" provides OEM service to meet customers' production needs of their own brands.


Dare to Think Then to Do


Global Demand Chain Service Provider


Good Life Really in Your Side

With the rapid development of Internet informatization, China is assimilating with the world. The powerful purchasing power of China is influencing the world, and the whole world is focusing on this. Food is the life of the people, people's living standards are improving, as well as the country's increasingly strict standards for frozen food, China's food supply can no longer be separated from the world. Seeing this, "Youwo Life" has devoted itself to the great cause of connecting the world and China, and is determined to become the first "Global commodity demand chain operation service provider".
With the advantage of overseas resources, we adhere to the attitude of "Dare to think, then to do", target at the major domestic cities in the third and fourth tier living standards, committed to provide high-quality overseas daily necessities, food and ingredients to Chinese people. From overseas ingredients to food processing to kitchen tables, we are creating an industry-wide supply chain that can be traced to its source and destination. Think that our power to improve the quality of life of the people, let the people really feel: good life really in the side!


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