Cooperation Policy

City Partner

In order to enhance the sales service ability and create the industry boutique brand name, good life to create a new marketing model. A city partner refers to a person or organization that has signed a contract with the company for investment promotion and, under the authorization of the company, operates the brand or variety of products designated by the company within the area specified in the contract and enjoys certain rights and obligations according to the contract.
The headquarters will set up city partners for each city, grant them the brand management rights in the region of the city, enjoy the most favorable commodity prices of the company, guide them to build and promote the brand building, product sales, market control in the region, and provide relevant business information to the company.

New Idea

New Tech

New Service

New Model

Partner Selection


Sincere cooperation, long-term vision, with a good business reputation.
Have the concept of brand management, have a strong ambition and determination.


For industry and commerce, tax registration, with legal person qualification, and is willing to obey the law.Willing to comply with the company's marketing policy and service standards.


Must have sufficient working capital, willing to undertake the distribution of goods may cause the division line.


The business area of the company must be above 100 square meters.
More than 2 years of operation in the company, have a good business performance, have a certain influence in the local market.


Willing to achieve sales quota and other market targets in the region.
Have good sales skills, certain network operation ability and negotiation recruitment ability.


Have certain marketing ability, sales ability, recruitment and management ability.Willing to cooperate with the company to carry out advertising, promotion and public relations activities in the distribution territory.

Support and Services

From end to end, From chain to net.

The headquarters provides thoughtful and meticulous services to the city partners, helps the city partners improve their own level and establish their own reasonable referral network through services and training, so as to truly establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the city partners and achieve the purpose of win-win.
1. Regular visit system
Organize, guide, supervise and inspect the operation and management of city partners, understand the problems existing in daily operation, give feedback in time, solve the problems on site and give guidance.
2. Publicity support services
(1) Display support services for business premises. Provide visual image design brochures, including: commodity samples, door head printing, display shelves, decorative items, printing, signage, flags, posters, etc.
(2) Information promotion support services. Provide sufficient product publicity materials, such as: enterprise white paper, product color pages, leaflets and other publicity supplies.
(3) Advertising support services. Unified formulation of advertising strategies, unified standardization of advertising production and dissemination methods. According to the needs of the region, jointly publish news advertising.
(4) Services for promotional activities. Responsible for the development of commodity market promotion strategies, to provide practical multi-channel, multi-level, multi-strategy promotion programs, support each region to carry out comprehensive promotion activities.


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