Service Introduction

Imported Frozen Food Trade

Relying on direct sourcing from the production area,we provide bulk trade of frozen meat products such as chicken, pork and beef.

Order Service

Offer-Contract-Delivery of Goods Plan Implementation-Operational Hosting (SOP) Whole process tracking, data traceable

Customs Clearance Service

E customs clearance-customs EDI-commodity inspection declaration Matching trailer/transportation supervision Reduce communication barriers

Warehouse Custody

Warehouse management,Safety control,Warehouse data management

Financial Services

Open letter of credit LC Financial entrustment authorization,Line credit monitoring


Qualifications and Honors

Global Layout

UwoLife has 5 subsidiaries or branches in China and 8 offices overseas

Overseas Factory Docking

Procurement from Foreign Sources

Import and Export Business Consulting

Domestic Distribution

Global Layout:

Subsidiaries or branches have been established in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, Toronto, Hong Kong, Japan and other key global regions, with a stable global source of meat products.

Distribution of Ports:

With ShenZhen as the center, the branch covers China's main frozen meat and aquatic import ports include: ShenZhen, ShangHai, Tianjin, QingDao, DaLian and ChengDu.

Food Processing

We providing personalized and highly competitive products.Meanwhile, we provide profit-guaranteed operation plans.

Our Advantage

Covering an area of ​​40 acres, with a factory area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and multiple modern production lines, it is a domestic medium-sized food manufacturer.

Large Scale

Provide a variety of specifications of food bags, vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging, providing nearly a hundred flavors of frozen and refrigerated products suitable for home kitchens, outdoor barbecues, hot pot dinners and other scenarios.

Many Varieties

The production is organized by a professional and high-quality team, and the product quality is guaranteed.

Good Quality

With a more mature sales network, most provinces, cities, and autonomous regions have distributors.

Full Network

Combining with the marketing model applicable to the domestic market, we provide customers with guaranteed profit-making programs, including product packaging, promotion/publicity programs, sales display design, capital operation, etc.


Specially provide customers with one-stop service of pattern design, product positioning, market positioning, and profit-making solutions, and all problems can be solved without the need for multiple politicians.


Why Us

Promise and Guarantee which we should offer


Selection, Cost, Performance, Quality and Safety.


Complementary resources, Win-Win cooperation Endorsement by authority.


Personalized product portfolio Inventory sharing, Worry-free stocking.

Easy to

One-stop Marketing,Training Dedicated Operation Team, Management.


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